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Yves AMSLER (E 1968 ICiv)
Currently Consultant (Y AMSLER CONSEIL)

Civil Engineer from the ENSMSE and with a post-graduate diploma (DEA) in Applied Mathematics (Paris VI University), he joined in October 1972 RATP, the main collective transport operator in the Paris area (“Ile-de-France Region”). Until 1998, he occupied various management and executive positions within RATP and mainly its subsidiaries (SOFRETU, LSTS, and later SYSTRA). He joined in 1998 RATP’s CEO cabinet as Delegate for Hauts-de-Seine and Yvelines until end 2000. Fom January 2001 to January 2010, he has been seconded as RATP Delegate in Brussels to UITP, the International Association of Public Transport.

Retired from RATP in January 2010 he created his own company (Y AMSLER CONSEIL, an EURL) and has been working mainly for UITP as from February 2010.

Yves Amsler has more than fourty years of international experience in urban, suburban and regional collective transport systems: metro, light rail, suburban and regional rail, bus, shared taxis... He has been involved in a wide variety of projects - transportation planning, economic studies, PPPs, legislation and institutional issues, standardisation - in more than fifty cities or regions around the world under a wide scope of responsibilities and clients (local/regional authorities and ministries in France and worldwide, private sector, international bodies like World Bank or BID, European Commission, CEN-CENELEC...).

His current major Professional activity is as a consultant and an advisor to UITP, with a focus on local public transport and mainly rail matters (tram, light rail, metro, other urban rail systems, suburban and regional rail). He is a UITP sub-contractor for several relevant EU R&D projects.

He wrote around 40 publications.

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